"That's Christy Frickin' Turlington!"

by Ed Burns

It's weird. Periodically you'll be reminded of her beauty. Maybe you’ll be flipping through a magazine and you see a photograph of her, or we have to go out to an event and all of a sudden she comes up from downstairs. Then I’m like, oh, wow! Okay – that's not just the mother of my children; that's Christy Frickin' Turlington!


Beauty tends to always be the first thing that men see and are attracted to, but it doesn't really have any staying power. Because without the inside you’ll fall blind to the external. If there is not more to it, it's something you’ll get bored of and you don't see it anymore for what it is. After a while, if you've got nothing to say, you'’ve got nothing to say.

For now and into Eternity: A Calvin Klein campaign features the real life couple

It would be hard to sustain a longterm meaningful relationship with a face. If there isn't a brain behind it, it'd be tough to work with that alone.

Christy is not insecure at all. I’m sure part of it has to come from her looks. But the bigger part of it has to come from how she was raised and what her parents instilled in her and her two sisters. They all have a great sense of self esteem. That is what I find really irresistible. One of her sisters is married to my brother by the way.  

I think if there was any insecurity she may have had as a younger woman, it was a fear that she would only be thought of as a beautiful woman, or a dumb model, God forbid. She never even liked the label 'supermodel'. But she’s addressed that. She put herself back into school, graduated from NYU when she was 28 or something like that. It was her insecurity. In the same way that some women worry if they look fat when they are not fat. Insecurities rarely have anything to do with reality.

Christy (far upper right) never cared much for the label 'supermodel'

Christy (far upper right) never cared much for the label 'supermodel'

It's funny. What we would like to do on a vacation could not be more different. I want a beach, a book and a six-pack of beer whereas she wants the exploration and get to know the people and the culture.

A little while ago, she put up a poster of herself from the Mario Testino Calvin Klein underwear campaign on the back of my bathroom door because we started dating at the time. I was like, ‘I’m with that woman!’ And Christie was like, ‘No you’re not. But I think you can still remember that person, even though you know what it’s really like to be married to her.’

"I'm married to this woman!"   (Photo by Mario Testino via Calvin Klein)

"I'm married to this woman!"  (Photo by Mario Testino via Calvin Klein)

Andrew Warhol once said: 'I really don’t care about beauties. What I really like are talkers. Beauties are being something. Talkers are doing something.'

Christy is a beautiful doer.